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Student Achievement

In 9-R, student achievement is our primary goal and we have aligned our resources with the goals and strategies outlined in the Strategic Plan to ensure success for all children. 9-R's school slogan, "committed to innovation and excellence in education," communicates our commitment to creating an environment in our schools where all students perform to their highest level.

The role of the Student Achievement Department is to facilitate the proper collection and analysis of the academic achievement of the students, school and the district as a whole. Once that is achieved, the department helps to communicate those results to our student's families, teachers, district leaders and local community in a clear, concise and comprehensible manner. The analysis of that data is a resource and guide for teachers and staff. With it, they can create and improve instructions and lessons that will challenge students to continually improve academically. At a district level, this data helps to align resources, identify best practices and assure all students that graduate are college and career ready.

The bottom line is --- "it's all about the students" and how well we prepare them for the responsibility of future leadership and community.

Staff Listing

Name Email Job Title Ext.
Christy Bloomquist Executive Director of Student Achievement 1420
Suzanne Shows Administrative Assistant 1425

Frequently Asked Questions

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